High-quality repair of Asus laptops in Dubai
from Laptop Repair Service’s Dubai. 

We have been fixing Asus laptops since 2009. Free comprehensive diagnostics in just 1 hour. We carry out restoration work of any level of complexity. We provide regular service on favorable terms. When concluding a contract for DSO, an additional 20% discount on all services. Our masters leave for free within the Dubai Regal Tower Business Bay Dubai from 09: 00-21: 00. Free delivery to the service center.
How long will the work take?
In 2016, our service center received 816 Asus laptops. It's a lot. Of these, 624 were repaired on the day of circulation, and another 39 on the next day. It took 3-5 days to restore 55 devices. There were also "long-livers" - for seventeen devices it was necessary to order spare parts from China and Taiwan. The delivery of components took 25-40 days, due to the lack of necessary spare parts in Dubai  warehouses. Only 2% of the total number of received equipment was repaired for more than 5 days. Block replacements, such as replacing the matrix, replacing the keyboard, cleaning the cooling system, were made within 2-4 hours. Only 16 units returned to customers the next day. This is one of the best indicators among all service centers in Dubai and UAE region.

How much does it cost?
Unfortunately, due to sharp changes in exchange rates, we cannot establish a fixed cost (spare part + work) for each service, as it was before. However, the prices for the work of the master are fixed, and you can see the full price list on the site by selecting the desired model. We have fixed the markups for spare parts so that it would be profitable to purchase them from us. The average markup is only 15%. Consumables are always included in the cost of repair and restoration work, and you do not have to pay for them separately. Pre-sale testing is also included Asus laptop repair, Asus laptop screen replacement, asus laptop fix, asus laptop body repair, asus laptop battery replacement, asus laptop keyboard replacemnt, asus laptop usb port repair, asus computer repair and service near me dubai uae and is carried out free of charge for each equipment repaired by us. Most of the spare parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer, Asus laptop battery replacement ,Asus laptop battery repacement near me ,Asus laptop battery replacement dubai,Asus support dubai,Asus laptop repair in UAE ,Asus laptop keyboard replacemnt dubai,Asus laptop keybaord replacement near me through regional representative offices, and have a minimum margin tocompete freely with authorized representatives.
How we are working:
1. You bring defective devices to our office, or we send a courier for free;
2. The wizard conducts free complex diagnostics;
3. The manager contacts you and agrees on the cost and terms;
4. In case of consent to carry out the work, the master immediately starts work;
5. After the master restores the work, the technique is transferred to pre-sale testing;
6. After passing the test, we deliver your laptop back;
7. Together with the device, you will receive our official warranty card;
As you can see, the scheme of work of our service centers is transparent and open. There are no pitfalls or tricks. At all stages of the repair, you will have access to all information on the order, and the state of technology. At any time, you can refuse to carry out work, and the diagnostics will still remain free of charge. At all.
All the benefits in one place.
In the process of choosing a service center, you have a number of questions, which we will try to answer:
1. I need urgently! - Give us just two hours;
How much will the diagnostics cost? - Is free;
2. And if I refuse your services, how much will the diagnostics cost? - Is free;
How can I be sure of the quality of the work done? - We provide a written guarantee
for a period of at least 100 days;
3. Can you surely fix it? - Our service center employs masters with at least 3 years of
4. I am in another district of Dubai; it is not convenient to travel. - We will send you a
courier for free;
* The minimum terms of work are indicated, subject to the availability of free masters at the time of contacting the Service Center. Asus laptop battery replacement ,Asus laptop battery repacement near me ,Asus laptop battery replacement dubai,Asus support dubai,Asus laptop repair in UAE ,Asus laptop keyboard replacemnt dubai,Asus laptop keybaord replacement near me