The Acer company, founded in 1976, specializes in the production of IT equipment and is one of  the market leaders.
Our company carries out repair of Acer laptops - budget, but at the same time reliable
devices. Extensive experience of craftsmen, availability of original components from our own
warehouse is a guarantee of quality and guarantees of our service center. If your laptop breaks
down, the first thing to do is to unplug the power cord and then take the device to an Acer laptop
repair center. Our acer laptop repair dubai will provide qualified repairs by experienced craftsmen
using the most modern equipment.
First, we will make diagnostics and identify the cause of the malfunction, guide you on the cost, and
after your consent, we will start working.

Our company offers qualified services of experienced craftsmen using modern repair equipment:
Replacement, repair of the motherboard
BIOS flashing,
Replacement USB, power connectors,
Replacing the screen, touchscreen
Replacement and repair of the keyboard.
Replacement the trackpad
Replacement the Screen

Repair terms
Most breakdowns are repaired in 30 minutes (replacing the screen, replacing the power connector, cleaning the
cooling system, etc.). More complex breakdowns take 1-3 days (motherboard repair, etc.).

Warranty for work
We value our reputation, therefore we provide a guarantee for all work from 3 months and are fully responsible for
warranty obligations.

Advantages of repairing Acer laptops in a service center in Dubai
It is convenient and profitable to work with us, because we:
We offer free delivery for service and diagnostics. First, we identify the cause of the
breakdown, then we name the price, repair time. If you are ready to cooperate, let's get to
We provide a guarantee of 3 - 6 months, depending on the breakdown. If during this period

The malfunction again makes itself felt, we will fix it free of charge.
We make discounts for regular customers.
We carry out urgent repair of Acer laptops. Our experts will come directly to your
address. Please note that some breakdowns require thorough diagnostics, which can only be
carried out at a service center.
We offer only original spare parts for your devices.
Possibility to pay in cash and by card.

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Acer laptop repair in near me Dubai inexpensively
We offer good discounts to our regular customers. The price for repairing an Acer laptop depends on
the nature of the breakdown and the cost of the part that needs to be changed, Acer laptop screen
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repair, acer computer repair acer service near me dubai as well as on the additional services
Installation and renewal of the license.
Updating drivers.
Installing additional software. We offer the best service prices for Acer devices.

How to repair Acer laptops in a service center in Dubai

If you have any questions, call us and ask them by phone. Our managers will respond promptly. Or
fill out the feedback form with a question on the site. You also have the opportunity to ask a question
by e-mail.

The repair cost depends on the laptop model. The warehouse has spare parts for all popular models of
Acer laptops. Check the cost of spare parts by phone.
"Fortis Service" is a professional service center for the repair of Acer laptops in Dubai.

Major breakdowns and repairs of Acer laptops in Dubai
During our work, our company has identified the main reasons for contacting:
1. Damaged screens of Acer laptops. This part is quite vulnerable - mechanical stress,
manufacturing defects revealed during operation, overheating. The matrix cannot be repaired
only if the backlight is out of order, and in other cases only replacement. We will replace your
screen in 10 to 30 minutes. The most difficult cases will take an hour. Longer only when it
comes to rare types of matrices. We will provide a three-month warranty and, most
importantly, professional installation. If during operation (within two weeks) the quality of the
matrix did not suit you, we will make a replacement or return.
In the presence of original types of matrices of the highest quality - LCD screens. Liquid crystal
monitors cannot be counterfeited, because their production is a rather complicated and laborious
process. They are practically unbillable. 2. Breakdown of the Acer motherboard. Our company provides quality services for the
diagnosis and repair of motherboards, including those filled with liquid. Since this part is
subject to overheating, it is less reliable, practically not interchangeable and too expensive in
price, we offer just repair.
3. Malfunction of the Acer video card. Strange pictures appeared on the screen or a
complete lack of images, or the laptop suddenly turned off - it looks like the video card is out
of order. It's all to blame for the clogged cooling system of the device, and as a result,
overheating. We will replace the part, but remember - you need to clean the cooling system
at least once a year.
4. Replacement / repair of the Acer device connector. This element is distinguished by high
wear rate, since it has a significant load. If, when the cable is moved, the device turns off, the
charge occurs only in the strictly set position of the plug or does not go at all, contacting the
service department is inevitable. It will take from one hour to two days to fix the connector.
5. Repair of the Acer device case, replacement of individual parts. If the buttons are faulty,
the hinges are loose, the case is cracked as a result of a fall or impact - we will replace the
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